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::Passion of a Modeled:: by supersysscvi ::Passion of a Modeled:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 0 2 ::Omelette Fan Comic:: by supersysscvi ::Omelette Fan Comic:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 75 8 ::The Man I Fell In Love With:: by supersysscvi ::The Man I Fell In Love With:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 5 0 ::An Attack Made Of Code:: by supersysscvi ::An Attack Made Of Code:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 1 3 Art Trade For MewGaming by supersysscvi Art Trade For MewGaming :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 3 7 ::How to Sketch a Mouse:: by supersysscvi ::How to Sketch a Mouse:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 4 6 ::Sherry And Tia Talk In The Tower:: by supersysscvi ::Sherry And Tia Talk In The Tower:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 3 3 ::Reaching For The River:: by supersysscvi ::Reaching For The River:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 2 0 ::The Skyless Night:: by supersysscvi ::The Skyless Night:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 2 2 ::In That Dark Courner:: by supersysscvi ::In That Dark Courner:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 1 1 ::Over A Dark River:: by supersysscvi ::Over A Dark River:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 3 2 A Little Final Fantasy 15 Fan Art Here! by supersysscvi A Little Final Fantasy 15 Fan Art Here! :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 2 0 ::A Song In The Woods:: by supersysscvi ::A Song In The Woods:: :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 2 2 A Discussion in an Alternate Universe by supersysscvi A Discussion in an Alternate Universe :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 1 2
those first Expectations of the nintendo nx reveal
'So I see it's called the Switch now.'
"EXPECTATIONS! I told you to go back to bed. And I haven't even started the trailer yet!'
'Don't think we've seen that controller yet.'
"EXPECTATIONS! STOP SPOILING THINGS oh dear they. They couldn't play it on a plane. That's not safe. See? They're totally not on a plane."
'Aaah? Aaaaaah?!'
'And isn't that... the Skyrim?'
:iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 0 0
Mature content
An Invincible Triangle At Judgment Day :iconsupersysscvi:supersysscvi 0 0

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::Passion of a Modeled::
"Does she do this often?"
'Yeah. I hadn't... thought about it before. Granted, I had always been jealous of those that exist, but... I never thought that was what it meant to be right. To be whole and true.'
"I had spent a lot of time trying to convince myself that what I see on the television is just lies, but for you, a fictional character: it must really hit you deep."
'And it doesn't phase you?'
"It never stopped phasing me. Never ever."
'It's painful, though; I bet other characters don't have to watch that screen, thinking that each day drags them away from existing. Each day just makes them a little more dead and a little less real.'
"I know. I try to distract myself from it all, but there are times I remember. Remembering the pain of being alone, of each day wondering if I'm squandering the life I have... I wonder if it'll all be worth it."
'I don't go a day believing it won't.'
"Wish I had your strength."
'Words mean only so much, you know.'
"I know."
::Omelette Fan Comic::
So I've been playing Mario & Rabbids.

And there's this really cute scene with Bowser Jr. where he's all "NOBODY'S THE BOSS OF ME!" And as the crowd is collectively thinking "What about your dad?" his dad calls.

.//. Such a cute scene.

And then! Oh then, I found this Sonic Fan OC that was just made recently by, idunno, the internet Alpha Gamboa, who did art for Skullgirls. So I thought it was so cool I wanted to do a traced comic of the scene, but with Omelette instead of Boswer Jr.

-@ Also this is why I should never ever do Sonic fan art. Maybe I'll do Eggman fan-art. .//. I could do that without my brain melting at how terrible my drawing skills are!

@///@ Also Assassin Prompto. That is all.
::The Man I Fell In Love With::
Idunno if anyone knew that Shade Redeemer was originally a Sonic OC, outfitted with fake scars and as many spikes as his Lego Boots could handle. ^^; Somebody talked about the first thing they ever drew, and although I can't remember what I drew before, I do remember my first Sonic OC. .//.;; Maybe Nyu existed then. Idunno really, because that whole shtick happened much later in my life, I think.

Still, I thought I'd make a cute little animation showing what the goddess Autumn really remembers about the man she fell in love with.

200 years ago.

Man, time travel is weird

Made in: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop
Time taken: 4ish hours.

NOTE: Oh yeah, I figured out Autumn's colour scheme a little better. :x The orange always bothered me with how much it clashed with the pink. Maybe it'd be like a transformation or something; given my OC world is a video game, you could just... change your skin material's colour! ^^;

EDIT: Added blush to Shade's face so, you know, he's not completely devastated.
::An Attack Made Of Code::
Anyone like Sonic? Just me? Well, Sonic Team's music is pretty boss, so I made this little thing while wondering how colouring would work. It didn't really, btw.

^^; Still, um, it's two characters in a novel I'm writing. .//. Left one's Sher, not Sherry, as both of them shout in my ear to make note of. (Other character's Corituhe, in case you're curious at all.)

Also, animu! ^^; Been watching DBZ a lot and realizing: wow, look at all those cut courners! :D

EDIT: :x Finally figured out how to draw Sherry from the front. Been bothering me for a while.

Program: FireAlpaca
Time Spent: 5ish hours
Art Trade For MewGaming
Hey there! ^^; Um, I apparently have had this art trade lying around for a very long time, so I thought "Why don't I get it done tonight?"

Yeah. o.o;; Um. Because I'm terrible at art.

But hey, at least MewGaming can look awesome as a shaman with their cool Transformice outfit! ^^; And extra special effects. .//.;; I wanted those in there. 'cause, um, boy reasons. At least that's what society keeps telling me. ^^;
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Tag 8 ppl you want to know better!
*echoes* Hello?
If you are reading this and accept being tagged, then do it.
-@ Hardly anyone frequents my dA anymore. ^^;

Jonathan Carl Xavier Pangle

Star sign:

Average hours of sleep:
Is it 10?
I don't know why it's 10.
Why is it 10? ;n;

Lucky Number?:
One-Hundred Six

Last thing I googled:
"mgs5 ps vita pause"
(Man, am I glad it wasn't anything political! ^^; )

Favorite fictional character?

Heavy has entire universe in head.
Heavy do not choose.
Heavy love all fictional character.
(Oh, it's Kirby by the way.)

What are you wearing now?:
Zelda "All I know I learned from Zelda" t-shirt (I grew up on Zelda II)
Aaaaand swim trunks
(I had to shovel stones for the last two days, so I couldn't wear a sweater or long pants or a scarf AND I FEEL NAKED! ;n; )

When did you start this account?:
May 5, 2006
(Wow, I'm old. @//@ 10 years.)

Amount of watchers:
98 whole watchers! ^^;

What do I post?:
A) Video game pictures/animations, or
B) stuff from my fictional universe, Rewy. ^^; 

Do I run any more blogs:
I mainly use Facebook or Youtube for my every-day internet use.
I should probably start a vlog on Youtube, though. ^^;

Do I get a lot of comments:
Not really, aside from my Cheese Dance video.
.//. I do enjoy them all, but I'm terrible at replying. ^^; 

Why did I choose this username:
I wanted to be a superhero. "Super System." Had to abbreviate it since someone else had it, and add to it as Neopets is weird.
But would I change it for the world? Never. I'll die with Supersysscvi in my will.

I tag:
Anyone who wants to be tagged! ;n; I don't know if anyone'll see this anyway.
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Jonathan Carl Pangle
United States
"Digression is the soul of wit."

I shall not let bullshit get in my way.

Current Residence: Teh USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock?
Favourite photographer: John Brahier!
Favourite style of art: Comic
Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: I'm too biased to answer that...
Wallpaper of choice: Any is good.
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto (Check it... Naruto. That's got some nice hype to it, I think.)
Personal Quote: "You Rock. I Suck. 'nough Said."



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